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GéoCassini obtained the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label in February 2021.
The Foundation's objective is to bridge the gap between ecology and the economy by reducing our impact on the environment while promoting economic development.

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The only 100% web platform accessible in SaaS mode dedicated to the storage, management, operation, updating and exchange of all your data describing the space and its contents.


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GéoStore allows you to publish data produced and/or stored in Database. The publication includes the traceability elements entered during loading and allows you to contact the owner of this data.

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The platform for managing your
geospatial data for all your projects

GéoCassini is the only 100% web platform accessible in SaaS mode dedicated to the storage, management, operation, updating and exchange of all your data describing the space and its contents.

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Revolutionize your data acquisition

Geospatial data acquisition plays a vital role in many fields such as cartography, natural resource management, navigation, urban planning and many others.
With these modern approaches, you can gain more accurate, responsive and actionable insights, paving the way for innovative applications and a better understanding of the geographic environment around you.

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Expert Testimonials

We believe in the importance of sharing experiences and know-how.
Our talented experts are the heart of our success, bringing unrivaled expertise in their respective fields. Discover below what our experts have to say about their experience within e-Cassini, the challenges they have overcome and the achievements that make our team a benchmark in the industry.


GeoCassini has now become an essential tool in the realization of its 3D, BIM and urban development projects.

Jean-Yves MAS – Land Surveyor Managing
Partner PARALLELE-45 Company

Resolutely turned towards the future, GeoCassini is part of our desire to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt an obvious environmental approach.

Laurent POUJADE – Land Surveyor Managing

More than a simple platform, GéoCassini is a central element of data management at the scale of a project, a municipality, a community of municipalities or a department.

Ludovic FAURE – Land Surveyor
Managing Partner Company PANGEO Conseils

Visualization, data analysis and CAD processing via the platform and human expertise. Impossible without this solution!

Benoit JOUCK – Land Surveyor Managing
Partner AIR&GEO Company

GeoCassini multiplies the value that we bring to our partners from our drone acquisitions, static 3D scanning, dynamic 3D scanning.

Jean-Baptiste GELDOF – Land Surveyor
Director of Development Company HAMEL Surveyors-Experts

GeoCassini is the missing “tool” that allows our customers to fully integrate the relevance of LiDAR data.

Luc COUSTAU – President

GeoCassini allows us to aggregate all GIS data and their environment by visualizing all LiDAR data, in an immersive view.

Julien LELIEVRE – DTF Sanitation Network Expert
– Operations Department – ​​Veolia France

The great strength of GeoCassini is to have brought together an ecosystem of partners, who provide access to “turnkey” solutions directly from the platform.

Alexis MARIANI – DGA Cities and territories at setec
Urban fabric engineering

With the snap of a finger, our clients can launch our algorithms and receive the results directly on the platform. A huge gain in terms of productivity and ergonomics!

Andrés Serna – Founder & CEO
Company TheCrossProduct


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We believe in the power of collaboration. By working in partnership with our clients, we co-create tailor-made solutions that generate tangible and lasting results.

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The GéoCassini platform was born, with its all-in-one approach, to manage and exploit your geospatial data, to combine several files into projects and to allow all stakeholders in a project to view and modify this data.