Infrastructure, civil engineering, FTTH, DT-DICT

       From a 100% LIDAR statement of accuracy, e-CASSINI allows:

  • to realize in 3D the diagnosis of the existent (posts, rooms, particular points of the network ...) simultaneous dynamic management cloud of points / panoramic photos

  • to extract all types of coordinate sets or georeferenced information (CSV ...)

  • integrate 3D GIS data (ARCGIS ...) or Vector existing networks and complete / correct them in relation to reality

  • to integrate additional data useful for the studies (cadastre, existing plans, detections of networks ...)

  • to design a PSA, ODA from the office by minimizing field visits

  • to export in vector mode or in GIS format the APS and the APD

  • to design the execution plans and to export them on any type of format

  • to carry out the work in 3D, to integrate it into the initial surveys, to export them (Vector / GIS)

  • manage future connections of network subscribers (including mobile mode)

  • manage network maintenance (including mobile mode)

  • multi-support scale edition (".las" file, aerial coverage, openstreet-map ...)

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