Colorized point clouds allow an exhaustive description of space
with centimeter (see millimeter) precision.
They are obtained by static or dynamic lidar sensors or by photogrammetric processing of drone photos. They constitute the basic data essential to ensure the data workflow throughout a project. From the Project phase, the Infrastructure Design Offices should systematize the use of point clouds.

This type of data allows:

  • Make a plan – if necessary – for the development of the project
  • To facilitate the Business Consultation Phase procedure
  • To carry out the proofs of works “on the fly” by photogrammetric processing
  • To constitute a 3D digital file of executed works, modeled and / or TQC (As Built), very useful for project owners in the management / maintenance of the equipment produced.

This “workflow” results in significant savings, reduces the carbon footprint of the activity, and ensures the smooth running of each phase.

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