e-Cassini supports the implementation of the georeferencing of your networks.

DataBase to store online and streamline the data collected and produced :

  • Readings (proofing videos (detection / work), camera crossings, point seeding,
    drone captures (orthophotos / point clouds), panoramic photos and photos,
    fixed scans, mobile scans, on-board scans, …)

DataBase to integrate existing data

  • CAD, shapes, json, dxf, IFC

DataBase to manage the updating of your data

  • Complementary acquisitions (looks, depths, modeling, etc.) with adapted technologies that create new uses,
  • Repository updates

DataBase to ensure the traceability of the data you use

  • Guarantee, Quality, Completeness, Precision, Georeferencing…

Project to use DataBase data to infinity

  • Correction and updating of existing information in relation to the data collected, including in real time
  • Import / Export
  • Access the data available in Open Data

Project to manage your work and use your Georeferencing

  • Proofing plans
  • PCRS
  • New networks
  • Proofs of works

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