The creation of a digital twin for the maintenance or implementation of projects in leisure parks responds to a major challenge.
The digital twin is a virtual 3D representation of an environment.
Modeled in 3D, your assets are stored in e-CASSINI Cloud to ensure secure sharing with your employees or providers. All data formats can be stored on this Cloud to be used in a “project” phase.
e-CASSINI supports you in the constitution, storage, operation and updating of your geographic repository:
• We have expert Partners in 3d data acquisition to build your repository with a guarantee of accuracy.

• Possibility of making the virtual visit of the site.

• Data from GIS such as overhead or buried networks can be visually represented in 3D in your environment. (augmented reality interface possible)

• The information that the park technicians collect can be completed on the application in order to ensure collective monitoring of the project.

• The technical information and documents (photos / technical sheets / plans, etc.) can be attached to the elements of the 3d model, so that users can consult this information directly from the platform. (PC / tablet / smartphone)

• You can carry out your Pre-Projects, Projects and Work Monitoring phases directly from the e-CASSINI platform.

• You can connect your own business tools to your e-CASSINI “Database”.

• You also ensure the exchange of data in compliance with the Specifications for: DCE (business consultation folder) and DOE (folder of work perform).

• Updating the repository after work can also be ensured with our mobile application. Based on your basic repository, a video of the new environment will be sufficient to generate the work carried out in 3D. (new networks, sets, distribution, or simple point object)

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