The creation of a digital twin for construction meets a major challenge.
The digital twin is a virtual 3d representation of an environment.
Modeled in 3d, your assets are stored in e-Cassini Cloud to ensure secure sharing with your employees or service providers. All data formats can be stored on this Cloud for use in “project” and/or maintenance phases.
e-CASSINI accompanies you in the constitution, storage, operation and update of your « As Bulit » repository.
• Immersive virtual tour of the site.

• Existing data from CAD, GED, SIG can be imported and represented in 3d in their environment. (augmented reality interface possible)

• The information and technical documents (photos/datasheets/plans..) can be attached to the elements of the 3d model, so that users can directly consult this information from the platform (PC/tablet/smartphone)

• You can carry out your Pre-project, Project and Work Monitoring phases directly from the e-CASSINI platform

• You can connect your own business tools to your “Database” e-CASSINI

• Identification and structuring of all types of information

• You also ensure the exchange of data in compliance with the Specifications for business consultation files and records of works performed

• The update of the repository can also be ensured with our mobile application. By relying on your basic repository, a video of the new environment, will be enough to generate in 3d the work done. (new networks, sets, distribution, or single point object)

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