The design of e-CASSINI is based on independence from cloud solutions.
The creation of a disruptive software offer compared to the current market offer, the valuation from the “e-CASSINI Partenaires” network, independent data producers who guarantee an offer referral renewed.


The question of the sovereign cloud is one of the basic principles of the development of the e-CASSINI solution.
e-CASSINI is a Saas mode application developed in APIrest.
The data used in e-CASSINI can be stored in any cloud. They can also be stored on dedicated servers, PC hard
drives or external hard drives.
In addition, data stored in the cloud is encrypted, in order to protect it.
Access to this data and the definition of user rights are managed by the “INFINIT” module of the e-CASSINI application.


The software offers on the e-CASSINI market segment are the monopoly of a few companies with a global scope,
offering only very rare cloud functionalities, and systematically on dedicated clouds.
Conversely, the e-CASSINI offer is 100% cloud, connectable and interoperable to any cloud and to any what other software.
The freedom and independence of the user is thus preserved and encouraged.


Encourage independent production generating new offers and new uses
Public or similar orders for “mass data” are disconnected from the potential for exploiting these data.
In addition, the supply of service providers is concentrated around companies with a large scope of intervention, which carry out punctual operations without worrying about tomorrow. Therefore the concepts of guarantee, certification, traceability, or not taken into account.
The members of the “e-CASSINI Partners” network are daily practitioners rooted in the regions, who develop new offers and new uses with warranty, certification, traceability and updating Datas.They illustrate the economic strength of the Territories and the innovative capacity of “short circuits”.

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