Public ordering of outdoor spaces is now based on the description of the visible space, most of the time for restrictive purposes (PCRS, etc.).
It integrates the new digital acquisition modes of mass data but does not take, or not enough, into account many criteria like precision, exhaustiveness, homogeneity, interoperability, traceability, guarantee or certification, update….
It expresses laudable intentions which find only an insufficient implementation for at least 3 major reasons:

• The shortcomings of current software solutions in the exploitation of this data
• Insufficient final quality to condition and guarantee cross-functional uses
• The hegemonic will of certain contracting authorities …

The main players in these markets (acquisition providers, suppliers of acquisition equipment, software suppliers) have a great interest in ensuring that this situation continues as it is the best guarantee of the good health of their economic models.
Faced with this observation, the e-CASSINI solution and the members of the “e-CASSINI Partners” network provide precise and operational solutions in a daily relationship rooted in the territories in direct contact with users.
The new offers and new uses they offer create the conditions to rethink this type of public order both in its content and in its expression.

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