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GOAL: carry out the verification of a buried network, whatever its nature, as soon as it is put in place.

Survey with RezoCassini of a trench

Verification with RezoCassini of a sanitation network equipment

HOW: by video capture of the trench and the networks it contains

GOAL: obtain a colorized, georeferenced 3D point cloud with centimetric precision. establish the survey plan from this cloud of points


  • Using a GoPro, a smartphone or any other video sensor, the operator films the trench by moving along it, without additional equipment.
  • The RezoCassini application, available on GooglePlay, is specially designed for assistance and the production of videos by smartphone.
  • Once produced, the video is transferred to GeoCassini, and the transformation of the video into colorized 3D point clouds is triggered.
  • A few minutes later (5 minutes on average), the point cloud is available to be georeferenced. Prior to the treatment, the user can also request an orthophoto of the raised area.
  • The user georeferences the point cloud verification in two ways

• either from calibration points taken in the field (GPS), in the absence of a digital twin of 3D point clouds
• or by cloud/cloud calibration from existing point clouds in the work area

  • Once the georeferencing has been carried out, a table of deviations from the calibration points makes it possible to assess the precision of the georeferencing. The operation can be repeated to achieve the desired precision (centimeter).
  • The georeferencing validated, the file is saved in the DataBase and the project is updated automatically.
  • Bureau Veritas has certified the RezoCassini process according to standard NF S 70 003-3.

The “cloud/cloud” open trench survey using GeoCassini is 5 times more accurate than GPS methods.

Survey of electrical box carried out with a smartphone

  • With GeoCassini, the cloud/cloud methodology is much more efficient:

• no need for specific equipment (GPS)
• no need for a topographer’s intervention schedule, the video is produced by the site staff
• immediate filling of the trench after laying the network and taking the video
• no need to maintain the safety of the trench
• occupation of the public domain minimized
• automated and fast processing because on the cloud
• time saving in stocktaking procedures
• much better accuracy than current processes
• certified accuracy

  • The cloud/cloud calibration is based on the exploitation
    of the digital twin in 3D point cloud of the study area

Telecom chamber survey carried out at the GoPro

Survey of the foundations of a house carried out with GoPro

Survey of network geodetection carried out at Gopro

• il est réalisé avant la phase travaux
• idéalement lors de l’établissement du plan topographique nécessaire pour l’étude du projet de travaux.
• il peut également être réalisé avec une Gopro en utilisant l’application RezoCassini.
• e-Cassini propose plusieurs solutions pour disposer de
jumeaux numériques de territoire :

Survey of a sewage connection


  • The georeferenced colorized 3D point cloud can be directly used in GeoCassini to draw the pipe survey plan. The plan can be drawn in 3D or 2D (orthophoto)

• the result can then be exported in the main usual exchange formats
• the result can also be modeled in 3D under GeoCassini
• it is also possible to complete the drawing by providing information on the network parts installed, which can also be exported.

Example of vectorization of a drinking water pipeline with GeoCassini

Visualization in IFC of the pipeline on the point cloud

  • Georeferenced colorized 3D point cloud automatically updates territory digital twin

• it is a true 3D centimetric cartography of the underground
networks which is thus updated
• this mapping represents a real challenge for improving DT/DICT procedures

  • The entire process facilitates and simplifies subsequent interventions on the network

• The location of the networks is very precise and access to their positioning is possible through the e-Cassini marketplace.

• GeoCassini is interconnected with the augmented reality software vGis, which makes it possible to precisely identify the presence of underground networks in a study area.

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