The EXPERT subscription offer allows its user to publish the data of their choice in the MarketPlace.

For the moment MarketPlace manages point clouds data.

The MarketPlace offer will expand at the request of GeoCassini users.

To create a publication, the user fills in all the fields that allow a customer to appreciate the content and the quality of the data.

Extract of data accessible from the MarketPlace Data with a green dot are Open Data data and therefore freely accessible.
Red dots are paid data

The customer accesses the MarketPlace from the e-Cassini
website and its MarketPlace tab

Once in the MarketPlace, the customer selects the dataset that interests him.

He consults the completed form which precisely describes the data set.

He can view them and select the area he wishes to use. Data processing is done directly in GeoCassini

Or data can be downloaded for other use

To be able to access the data, the customer will have previously paid for his purchase and will receive an access code.

The application allows you to select several datasets in a “bag”.

The MarketPlace offer is set to be reinforced and expanded in the coming months.

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