On Demand / SaaS
Commitment over several months
Accommodation included
Updates and maintenance included
On Premise / licence
Unlimited duration
Optional accommodation
Updates made
(as part of the contract
of maintenance)
IT and software infrastructures are called “on-premise” when they are hosted and maintained by a company’s own IT department. This “on-premise” model is generally opposed to Cloud Computing, where all the infrastructure is installed and managed on remote servers.
In this usage model, Customer, or Licensee, purchases or leases server-based software to be installed on its own server or on a leased server. As the licensee operates the software in its own computer center on its hardware or on rented hardware, we also speak of “in-house” software.
Unlike cloud computing, customers benefit with the On-Premises model from full control and therefore personally assume all associated risks. The On-Premises model therefore differs considerably from cloud computing models.
GeoCassini is available on demand in On-Premise mode.
For any information: contact@e-cassini.fr

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