GeoStore is the GeoCassini opening program for any application publisher who wishes to:

  • use data from the e-Cassini DataBase (with the consent of their owners)
  • harness the power of the GeoCassini app
  • promote its own solution within the e-Cassini community.

GeoStore is aimed at publishers of “jobs” solutions as well as publishers of artificial intelligence algorithms.

GeoStore is articulated around the exploitation of the API Rest library of GeoCassini

The API library is organized into sections:


data – files

groups – photos


The publisher of an external solution chooses the mode of remuneration for the use of its solution:

  • either the subscription
  • either the “pay for use”

for example for #isaas algorithms
– par nombre d’objets détectés
– par linéaire traité
– par surface traitée, etc.

The GeoCassini development team supports any publisher in the integration of its solution.

GeoStore currently offers the following solutions:

Digital photogrammetry application for work surveys and network geodetection

Augmented reality app

Digital model management application

Topographic applications

Artificial intelligence algorithms to join the GeoStore program

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