The establishment of plans (topo, PCRS, interiors, facades, sections, elevation)
GeoCassini contains layer management comparable to that of the main CAD software on the market.
GeoCassini allows to represent points, lines and surfaces
Each of these geometric representations can be associated with an unlimited number of metadata.
The associated metadata are of 4 types
• free field
• drop-down list
• file
• IFC object
GeoCassini allows to draw
• in 2D from orthophotos
• in 3D in the point cloud

Note : the orthophotos are taken from shots or from point clouds

The main drawing functions in GeoCassini are
• point, line, surface drawing directly on the orthophoto or in the point cloud
2D drawing example
3D drawing example
• drawing by coding in the point cloud (exactly like coding with a total station)
• drawing by coding of points by profiles
• drawing by codification of lines by profiles
• point drawing, line by profiles
Example of coding in the point cloud
The elements drawn in GeoCassini can be exported in the various standard formats, in particular in shape file with or without the associated metadata.
Example of drawing lines by profile
Example of export in Autocad
Elements drawn in GeoCassini can also be exported to CAD software.
GeoCassini contains a “print” function which allows editing in ortho mode, at the desired scale,
• the point cloud and drawn data
• that the data drawn
• that the point cloud
Sample print
Draw work verification plans
Example of an inventory plan (drinking water)
Draw the networks resulting from network detection
Example of network detection plan in 2D and 3D
Draw a topographic plan
Example of a topographic map
Draw elevations
Example of building elevation
draw building sections
Example of section on building

Draw interior plans

Interior plan example
Use drawing applications from the GeoStore
• GeoCassini allows the subscriber to use the drawing application of their choice.
• The latter must be connected to GeoCassini via the functions of the GeoStore

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