The integration of digital into traditional construction trades, the use of digital on construction sites and in delivered works represent major challenges.

Industrial challenges
• life-cycle modeling
• piloting
• operation and maintenance
• supply chain organization (factories, workshops, construction sites)
• improvement of quality, productivity, operational efficiency

Commercial issues
• acceleration of interfaces between partners, providers and customers
• improvement of existing offers and development of new offers and new uses
• creation of digital twins to increase the digital value of services
• increased use value for end users
• improvement of quality, productivity, operational efficiency

e-Cassini is an interoperable platform that makes data available in shared repositories.

The digital twin is a virtual 3D representation of an environment. Modeled in 3D, your assets are stored in e-Cassini Cloud to ensure secure sharing with your employees or service providers.
All data formats can be stored on this Cloud for use in immersion in “project” and / or maintenance phases.
e-Cassini supports you in building, storing, using and updating your « As Built » repository.

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