e-CASSINI was born out of 30 years of practice in collecting indoors and outdoors of what we now call georeferenced data. The original purpose was to produce plans.
With BIM, the digital model, 3D point clouds, requests have evolved faster than software solutions to meet them. Although digital twins, interoperability, collaborative work, data exchanges are at the heart of many debates, no software solution has hitherto provided an efficient global response.
Faced with the lack of a solution, e-CASSINI was born in March 2017, from a blank sheet, following a fundraiser in “love money” from industrial investors totally foreign to the business sectors concerned. .
The design of e-CASSINI is based on:
• on independence from cloud solutions,
• the creation of a disruptive software offer compared to the current market offer, the e-CASSINI offer is 100% cloud, connectable and interoperable with any cloud and any other software. The freedom and independence of the user is thus preserved and encouraged.
• the promotion of the “e-CASSINI Partenaires” network, independent data producers who guarantee a renewed referral offer.
Connectivity and Interoperability are at the heart of the design of e-CASSINI.
• 100% cloud solution in Saas mode, your Database can be stored in the cloud of your choice or stored on dedicated physical servers.
• The Database is designed to be used by any PC, tablet, smartphone, chrome book … without any particular resource in terms of memory and graphic interface.
• Connectivity and interoperability with the main GIS formats
• Connectivity and interoperability with the main CAD formats
• Connectivity and interoperability with the main formats on the market
• Connectivity and interoperability with any software whether it is “desktop”, “tablet” or “cloud”
e-CASSINI is also developing an “e-CASSINI Partners” network to encourage independent production generating new offers and new uses based on the concepts of guarantee, certification, traceability and prior updates essential to the use IA.
The members of the “e-CASSINI Partners” network are everyday practitioners rooted in the regions, they illustrate the economic strength of the territories and the innovative capacity of the “short circuits”.
Disruption, innovation and transition make up the fuel for e-CASSINI, and we encourage any additional innovation to plug into our solution.
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Patrick Maiore
Founding President