e-Cassini is a start-up founded in March 2017 by Patrick Maïore, a surveyor with 25 years of experience. It is the result of years of reflecting on the digital revolution and its impact on his technical professional and its market. The e-Cassini solution is a response to challenges such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and energy transition.


The aim is to simplify the day-to-day management of the space (public domain, buildings, etc.), support the production of all types of plans (street, facade and network plans, interiors, IFC, etc.) and assist with the production of geodata and GIS data, thanks to the prospects offered by new technologies.

e-Cassini takes its name from the Cassini map, the first topographical map of the Kingdom of France drawn to scale. This map, created by the Cassini family of cartographers between 1756 and 1815, was truly innovative and a major technical advance for its time.


Today, the e-Cassini platform makes the entire public domain available in the form of a 3D point cloud with centimetric precision, guaranteed by the surveyors who carry out the surveys. This cloud is obtained using an exclusive surveying technique which combines LIDAR technologies (light detection and ranging) and topographic techniques.

The platform also offers tools for identifying and managing the public domain online. The platform also offers tools for online management of built heritage. Its collaborative nature and the guarantee of updated data makes it a revolutionary tool.

A graduate of École Supérieure des Géomètres et Topographes [Graduate School of Surveyors and Topographers], he joined SCP Girard-Maïore in 1990 as a surveying engineer, becoming a partner in 1993.

After having developed the design office operations, land planning, joint ownership and GIS, he takes over the management of the company in 2000 and began developing a network of offices across France. By the end of 2016, SCP has 16 offices.

After pondering the impact of the digital revolution and the new challenges of BIM and energy transition, in 2017 he founded e-cassini, a web-based platform aimed at all managers of the public domain, thereby taking advantage of the prospects offered by new technologies in order to improve productivity, management and access to data.

Patrick Maïore




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Le Courrier de l'Ouest

by Alexandre Blaise

Revue Géomètre

april 2018

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